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    People often ask me for guidance about books to read, particularly those that would enhance the curriculum outlined in Wake Up To Your Life.

    I will post new titles each week, along with brief comments outlining the main topic, level of practice for which it is appropriate, and how you might use the book. Each entry is also categorized according to the chapter of Wake Up To Your Life it might relate to.

    If you are familiar with a given title and have something to say about it, please add your comments as they will help other viewers find books that will be helpful to them.
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Denial of Death (Ernest Becker)

Denial of DeathFull Title: Denial of Death
Major Topic:
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Classic discussion of the psychology of the fear of death, including the construction of social reality. Many people have found this detailed discussion highly illuminating, shedding light on many of the problems we create for ourselves when we endeavor to ignore the fact that life has an end. Read this to augment and deepen your practice and reflections on death and impermanence. You may also find this book helpful in questioning the way that we, as social animals, construct a reality and then find ourselves imprisoned by it.

Little Book on the Human Shadow (Robert Bly)

Little Book on the Human ShadowFull Title: Little Book on the Human Shadow
Major Topic: a commentary on Wallace Steven’s poetry, illuminated by Bly’s articulation of Jungian approaches
Level: all levels
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Contemporary view on how to recognize, neutralize, and step out of the operations of projection. The section on retrieving the shadow is an excellent guide to working with projections.

Them and Us (Arthur Deikman)

Them and UsFull Title: Them and Us: Cult Thinking and the Terrorist Threat
Major Topic: what makes people vulnerable to the institutional mindset
Level: all levels

Dispassionate, insightful exploration of how unresolved patterns make cults possible. Previously published as The Wrong Way Home.. A good book to read if you run into or interact with authoritarian institutions or any kind.